The question that many patients have is “What should I eat or drink after a chiropractor adjusts me”? That’s a great question because what you eat and drink can impact the way you feel.

A chiropractic adjustment is a therapy used by chiropractors to adjust a patient’s spine. Patients who receive adjustment therapy generally do so to treat either acute or chronic pain in the neck, head or back. Many patients see a significant improvement in their condition after adjustment therapy.

What Happens During an Adjustment? 

Spinal adjustment therapy is usually performed on a patient as he or she lies down on a table. The practitioner uses his or her hands to apply pressure to the patient’s back or neck. The patient will feel popping or cracking in the back or neck, though adjustment therapy is generally painless.

Food and Drink 

After your adjustments, you can eat and drink as usual, unless your chiropractor specifically tells you not to. One rule of thumb is that the patient should drink plenty of water after an adjustment. Drinking water will provide nourishment to vertebral discs. This keeps the spine flexible. Aim to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

In general, people should sleep on their back or side. Sleeping on your stomach requires you to tilt your head unnaturally for hours at a time. Depending on your medical condition, the chiropractor may recommend that you sleep on one side or the other. If you have certain conditions, the chiropractor may recommend that you sleep on your back.

What to Do After an Adjustment 

Your chiropractor in mount pleasant will give you a treatment plan that typically involves returning for multiple adjustments over time. As you move through your treatment plan, your chiropractor will evaluate how well your body responds. He or she may ask about your pain level at each visit. You may need to receive more or less adjustments to find the right balance to improve your condition.

Exercises and Stretches 

While you’re receiving adjustments, most chiropractors will also recommend that you exercise or stretch at home. The chiropractor will either teach you specific stretches or else recommend an exercise therapist.

The exercises are intended to strengthen your back and muscles. Exercising can improve balance and coordination after your adjustment. Beware that if you have a serious back or neck problem, certain exercises may not be possible for you. Yoga and Pilates are generally good options for most patients. However, you should consult with your practitioner before you start an exercise routine.

As previously stated, after spinal adjustments you can eat as usual. Drink plenty of water. Do the stretches and exercises given to you by your chiropractor or physical therapist.

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