Is Chiropractic a Cult

Is Chiropractic a Cult

Over the past 5 years a few people have often asked me “Is Chiropractic a cult?”. This question presents an unfortunate outlook that I will be discussing in this article.

Cult vs. Lifestyle

People sometimes associate chiropractic and cult because, unfortunately, chiropractic to them is different and not common amongst our society. Also, people who tend to adopt utilizing chiropractic as a lifestyle also tend to adopt working out and eating well as lifestyle. Some people also deem these to be cult lifestyle because of the person’s passion towards being better.

What frustrates me about this is how people who adopt this lifestyle tend live a better quality of life and are generally happier.

An accurate statement would be, if cult comes from the word “culture”, and used when people are doing something similar, then people who eat garbage food, live a sedentary lifestyle, and not use chiropractic, are part of a cult? Some would argue they are part of a cult that is bound to live a lifestyle of chronic problems and decreased quality of life.

Bottomline, we are all part of a group that leads a certain lifestyle and lives a certain way. For me and my family we choose to live one of abundance, health, and prosperity. Which do you choose?

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