If you have not turned on the TV or listened to the radio recently then you may not be aware but the media is non-stop talking about the flu. They are talking about how important it is to get vaccinated and it seems they are almost using scare tactics by showing us those bold red graphs.

Everyone has a choice on whether or not to get the vaccine but whether you get it or not you are still susceptible to getting sick. Unfortunately on Thursday night following work my body started to develop symptoms such as coughing, fever, chills, night sweats, and  headaches. I woke up Saturday morning literally only 36 hours later and felt like a million dollars without have taking any medicine or vaccines. I thought about what I did to help myself while I was sick compared to what most people do and wanted to share this.

I notice when most people get sick they stay indoors, take medicine, drink water, and tend to live more of a mechanistic life. Here is what my 36 hours looked like:

Thursday @ 6:30 PM – Left the office and filled up 2 gallons of alkaline water at pH of 9.5
Thursday @ 7:00 PM – Power Shot from Whole Foods that was ginger, lemon, cayenne, and wheatgrass
Thursday @ 7:30 PM – Ate dinner which was a Kale-Avocado Salad (kale, red onion, red bell pepper, and avocado). Kale has an ANDI score of 1,000 on a scale of 1 – 1,000. ANDI = Aggregate Nutrient Dense Index score (How dense food is with nutrients)
Thursday @ 8:30 PM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack. (If you are not taking this then you need to get a box. Amazing product)
Friday @ 7:30 AM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack.
Friday @ 8:00 AM – Went to R Thomas for a Big Bang Drink (lemon, ginger, apple), shot of ginger, and eggs with seaweed.
Friday @ 9:00 AM – Got my weekly chiropractic adjustment from a good friend (When you are sick this is the MOST important time to be adjusted. Your nervous system controls your immune system so you want that functioning at its highest level)
Friday @ 10:00 AM  – 60-minute massage with Monica Miller
Friday @ 11:30 AM – Soaked in a bath with oils for 30 minutes
Friday @ 12:00 PM – Laid in bed for a few hours to rest and drank tons of water
Friday @ 12:30 PM – Ate the rest of the kale avocado salad
Friday @ 2:00 PM  – Drank a cup of Monkey Picked Oolong tea from Teavana
Friday @ 5:30 PM – Went to Pho Dai Loi #2 for some Vietnamese soup. (Anecdotal trick towards kicking the flu)
Friday @ 7:00 PM – Took my Standard Process vitamin pack.
Friday @ 8:30 PM – Took a shot of probiotics before bed
Friday @ 9:00 PM  – Went to bed

Saturday @ 6:00 AM – Woke up feeling great and had our busiest Saturday ever!

I share this day with you so many of you because when you begin noticing symptoms it is ESSENTIAL to do the things necessary to build your immune system. Yes, you should always be building your immune system through whole food nutrition, functional exercise, and a optimally functioning nervous system but you can still get sick.

If you find yourself developing symptoms then instead of diagnosing yourself and becoming a victim of that 4 letter word (SICK) start to take action. Here is the USA’s ranking in healthcare so either follow what everyone else does when they get sick and become this statistic or do something different and what the true healthy people are doing.