Strategies to Be Proactive for Seasonal Allergies

With beautiful Spring flowers comes the dread of seasonal allergies. With the pollen count always going up, getting your spring allergies under control will be important. Here are some tips to help you  enjoy your outdoor adventures.

What causes seasonal allergies?

Allergies and the symptoms that come with it of sneezing, runny nose, coughing, watery/itchy eyes, etc. are a part of your immune system response. When you’re exposed to an allergen your body is triggered to release a chemical called histamine. When histamine enters your bloodstream, it makes your blood vessels leaky, especially those that run through your nose and eyes. This is why the most common seasonal allergies reaction is a runny nose or watery eyes.

How can you treat Seasonal allergies?

Depending on the area you live in, your allergies may fluctuate from season to season. The key is to take proactive measures to prepare your body or the pollen onslaught common during the Spring months. To do this, it often helps to start an anti-allergy regime in the Winter or very early in the Spring, like in April, so you are able to enjoy the great outdoors without feeling miserable.

The doctors at Corrective Chiropractic recommend using Allerplex. As an all-natural blend of Vitamins A and C, you’re able to get the healthy dose of nutrients your body needs to overcome and reduce the symptoms related to seasonal allergies. Also, including a unique combination of organic minerals, peptides, and enzymes, Allerpex is able to:

  • Reduce the production of mucus often associated with allergies
  • Boost your liver function
  • Enhance the synergistic relationship between your lung and heart

To ensure your allergies stay in check, taking Allerpex in conjunction with regular chiropractic visits can be the one-two punch you need to knock allergies out for good.

Can chiropractic care help with allergies?

The short answer is yes! The exact mechanism of how allergies wreak havoc on the body is not completely understood, however, research has proved that when your body is under stress, being able to manage your allergies becomes a challenge. Your nervous system is intimately linked with your immune system. Which means, when your nervous system is misaligned (particularly with spinal misalignments in your neck), your immune system will inevitably compromised. And, when your immune system is weakened, allergens can have an even greater effect on your body, leaving you with allergy symptoms that will quickly make your life miserable.

When you receive chiropractic treatments, doctors are able to gently manipulate the joints and soft tissue of your spine back into alignment, restoring the healthy connection and communication between your nervous system and immune systems.

Are you ready to kick your seasonal allergies to the curb? Consider making a comprehensive back evaluation appointment with Corrective Chiropractic. We will assess your current medical profile, perform a spinal assessment and answer any questions you may have. It’s time to start living your best life, regardless of the season. Give us a call today at 404-355-5499.

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  1. rachel frampton says:

    My sister would like to look for a clinic that offers the right treatment because she experienced an allergy due to flowers. Well, I’m also glad that you shared here that this matter may happen from season to season. Anyhow, I’ll keep in mind to tell her that she should take more vitamins A and C too.

  2. John Tirade says:

    The topic is really a great-written piece. Yes, seasonal allergies are hard to handle. I need to suggest everyone that visiting to a specialist seems sensible when there is a common cold or runny nose or something like that. Sometimes the reasons are different. Thus to make sure you should consult with your doctor.

  3. Hay fever medicine says:

    I would love to say these tips are very useful for me. I was suffering from hay fever for the last few weeks. Today I tried these strategies to get rid of my hay fever symptoms and they helped me a lot. Thanks for guiding me.

  4. Dimple Gargy says:

    The information you have shared about seasonal allergies really well written. Yes, it is challenging to manage seasonal allergies. I have to advise everyone that going to a doctor when they have a cold, a runny nose, or something similar seems reasonable. Sometimes there are various causes.

  5. Frank Grubb says:

    Therefore, I have learned through this post that it is very important to take preventive measures against allergies. The best way to do this is to look for clinics that offer the best treatment and make sure you get enough vitamins A and C. This will help prevent allergy issues from occurring again in the future.


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