What is the average cost of a chiropractor?

Chiropractic can range anywhere from twenty dollars to hundreds per visit. The reason for such a large scale of pricing can be due to a lot of different factors. These differences include, time spent with patient, extra modalities, value of care, office perks such as coffee, X-rays, etc. As the saying goes, sometimes you pay for what you get.

Of course, not all chiropractors who charge less means they’re bad. It is important however, that the doctor is providing quality care. You should feel comfortable not only during the adjustment, but in the office space as well. A quality office should provide you with a roadmap in order to gage where you’re starting from and headed with care. Quality of care can often times drive the price of care up. Quality is valuable and can make all the difference in one’s experience.

There are several different costs one might encounter while at a chiropractor. The first is usually the initial visit. This ranges from 50 dollars to 150. Fluctuation of this cost results from whether or not the doctor uses any analysis equipment such as X-rays or thermal scans. Some offices provide extra services such as massage, or acupuncture. Extra charges may also accrue if services such as exercises, nutrition counseling, or supplements are provided.

Cost can be reduced in several instances. One being, if the office takes insurance. A lot of doctors opt out of taking insurance because in reality not many pay for chiropractic care. Another price reduction can occur if the office provides bundle plans, meaning you pay for x amount of visits upfront. Sometimes offices will offer administrative discounts on care plans or initial visits if paid for beforehand.

You can buy a cheap piece of clothing that lasts one wash, or a more expensive piece that will last a lifetime, chiropractic care can be the same. One office might not cost much and crack you, but may not spend the time to look at improving your overall health. At the end of the day, find what work best and fits into your budget.

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  1. adjust.clinic says:

    One red flag people should be aware of is a price that is too *little*. Sometimes clinics will price really low for a gotcha price, then try to talk you up. Always look for transparency when looking for a new chiropractor.


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