Ok, I know what everyone is thinking. “This is going to kill MY back.” Yes, BUT only if you lose your biomechanics, form, and don’t listen to the body. I did this on Thursday night and woke up feeling fine Friday morning but I went at 90%. My goal is to not blow or herniate my disc for the sake of a few extra reps as each rep beyond the point of exhaustion could be damaging.

I plan on redoing this workout on Sunday at 4:00 PM with the strategies below, as I have now had time to digest this workout.


* Breakfast @ 9:00 AM – I will be having a breakfast wrap to start the day. (Brown rice wrap, guacamole spread, bacon, chicken sausage, spinach, onions, olives, and mushrooms)

* Lunch @ 1:00 PM – Plan on getting in more protein as well as well as some carbs. (Chicken and sweet potato)

* Pre-Workout Snack @ 3:30 PM – Green Tea and 6 BCAA’s (Poliquin)

* Note – I plan on drinking A LOT of water throughout the day to hydrate the soft tissue in my body as well as the spinal discs.


* 100% plan on seeing my chiropractor the morning of the workout. This is a lot of loading on the lumbar spine so I prefer to make sure my biomechanics are in alignment for less loading and better function.

* I also will sit on an exercise ball throughout the day to create mobility into the discs. These discs look similar to jelly doughnuts and too much stress can push the fluid out and create a herniation. This is not worth it!!!


* Jog for 7 minutes

* Stretch the glutes/hamstrings (inch worm, power skip, and lunge with rotation)

* Work up to a good lift at 275 (1 time)

* Do 10 step up/down. Rest 15 seconds. Repeat 2 times.


* As we learned last year, step up/down is much more efficient.

* It will be better to load than unload as I saw on Thursday night. Have your bar ready to go and the weights already laid out appropriately.

*I will also be using a women’s 35 lb to help with the grip as it will not be as wide.

35lb bar + 5 lb + 45lb (each side) = 135lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb (each side) = 185lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb (each side) = 225lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb (each side) = 275lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb (each side) = 315lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb (each side) = 365lb

* Listen to your body!! Do not try for extra reps by losing form. You will regret this long term.

* Other than that this workout is pretty self explanatory and as long as you are hydrated, mobile, and conscious than you should do very well.



* Take a Recovery Bath (epsom salt, coconut oil, and arnica oil)

* Get mobility into your discs through exercise ball.

* Realign your spine through chiropractic.

* Get a soft tissue massage to flush the soft tissue and help recover. You are halfway through the Open and now is a good time to rejuvenate.