Many of us body weight people got very excited when we heard this workout, as we know this is our time to shine. I did this workout 30 minutes after it came out and went 90% to get a feel for time, pacing, and other tips. I want to share those strategies as I plan to re-do this on Monday night.


Fortunately I did this workout at 8:30 PM and have not eaten since 12:30 PM so my body was not full and feeling light. Since this is not a heavy weighlifting workout I plan to use the same strategies except I will be eating a Greens + bar 3 hours before the workout. This will give me plenty of sugar and satisfy my appetitie while keeping me lean and light. Also, be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and focus on drinks with electrolytes that keep the body healthy on a cellular level (coconut water, aloe water, etc).


Airdyne for 10 minutes to get blood flow to the legs and arms.
* Lunge and twist
* Leg swings
* Shoulder mobility using blue band and PVC
* Bent over dumbell rows
* 3 x 5 OH squat with bar only
* Row slow 150 meters
* 5-10 toes to bar
* 5-10 wall balls
* Power Clean: 5 x 75, 4 x 95, 3 x 115, 2 x 135
* 2 Muscle Ups



* Wear lifting shoes as they will help with rowing, wallballs, and cleans.

* Do not go all out!

* Pace yourself nicely here so when you get to the toes 2 bar you are not out of breath.

* Set the setting to between 8-10 so you are getting 1 calorie for every 1-2 pulls * Sit up straight and do not lose your posture

Toes To Bar* Chalk up your hands* Have the bar right above your fingers if you were standing. (A mistake I made on the chest 2 bar pull-ups was the bar was 6 inches over my fingers so I had to jump each time to get on the bar, which wasted massive energy. * Break these up and DO NOT reach failure. I broke mine up = 10-10-5-5-5-3-3-3-3-3 (Have your counter know your breakdown so they can support you)


*This should be your time to get your breath back
* Knees out and spread legs
* Break these up if you need to. I did 20-10-10

* Rechalk
* Do not go too fast if you plan on getting to muscle ups.
* Stay close to bar and short breaks
* I did singles but took 5 seconds between each single.

*It is easy to take long breaks after each one or two so make your counter tell you to get up on rings. My coach had me get up every 12 seconds within the last minute as my breaks were too long. Good luck and post any other recommendations you may have!