As the holidays become closer and closer many people will be scrambling for gifts for their friends, family, and co-workers. They will take a lot of the money they have made this year and put it towards something that will lose value or be forgotten in a couple months. Read more on what’s the best holiday gift ideas you can give not just to your friends but to your self too!

When I look back on my childhood (stop reading here Mom), I honestly do not remember the tangible gifts, toys, or clothes. What I do remember more than anything was actually being together. I remember my brother, sister, cousins, and I all around the fireplace as my grandfather would joke on us and pretend not to give us presents. I remember all our family getting together and the amount of fun we would have just being in each others presence. I would look forward every year to this day and thinking about it now I cannot remember 1 gift besides the gift of family.

What I would love for everyone to get present to this holiday season is what can we give that can create an impact. I am not only talking about our kids but our friends, co-workers, neighbors, mailman, cleaning service, etc. What gift can we give them that will keep on giving and be more of an investment rather than a cost. There are so many sick and unhealthy people that DO NOT know what true health is or how to achieve it. Most people think you can be healthy by being on a drug, most people think you are healthy if you are pain free, most people are reactive with their healthcare, and most people don’t get serious about their life until something dramatic happens to it.

You (most of you) know the truth about health, how to get there, where it comes from, and what you need to do. Whether you are in ACTION is a choice but you at least have the knowledge to make that change. Many of you have been with me long enough so you know how serious and passionate I can be about this topic.

To me, I will be giving people this year not just “stuff” but items that I feel can dramatically improve their health and ultimately life.



  • Buy them a referral card for a free spinal check-up
  • Offer to pay for their Initial Intensive Care, Corrective Care, or Wellness Care
  • Buy a spinal hygiene kit for them
  • Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow



  • Get them my new favorite vitamins from the front office: Daily Support Packets
  • Beyond Organic Gift Boxes (This is another favorite)
  • Whole Foods Gift Certificates
  • Invite them to our Health Fair on Saturday the 15th from 9 AM – 12 PM

Like my healthy gift ideas this Christmas? Please comment down below and share yours! You can also read tips on how not to get fat this Holiday season.

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