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Welcome to allergy season. This is the time of year when allergies are high and the medical community and Big Pharma start rolling out the ads. They trick us into believing allergies are BAD and must be fought with Zyrtec or some other pharmaceutical drug we see on TV. Have you ever stopped to think why do allergies exist?

So, why do you think allergies exist?

Do you think it is because G-d gave you the allergy gene or rather that it could be a disruption in your body’s functioning? Have you ever considered that allergies may be protective mechanisms of your immune system adapting to stress?

Seasonal Allergies

Various seasons of pollination occur throughout the year and people react differently with each one, if at all. In the mid-Atlantic states, tree pollination happens between February and May. Grass pollination happens from May – June and weeds from August – October. Some people experience symptoms in one season while others experience symptoms in all three. However, this begs the question that, if pollen is out, why does everyone not experience symptoms?

The answer is in an uncoordinated immune system and lack of ability to adapt to the stress. Some people can handle the stress overload of pollen without symptoms and some cannot due to compromised immune systems from lifestyle choices (diet, exercise, time spent sitting) and circumstances.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Allergies

Therefore, it is crucial not to miss chiropractic appointments, during this season. Chiropractic adjustments help to balance the body and improve all functions and processes. As a chiropractor in Atlanta, I check for misalignment through various tests and see where there is nerve pressure blocking the body’s ability to function at 100%. I then make gentle adjustments to free the nerve.

Your body was designed for perfection and to function at a state without the use of drugs and surgery. By keeping it properly aligned with balanced nutritional and lifestyle choices, you can experience the highest level of health, even amidst the highest pollen counts!

Get Involved

Do you experience allergies? If so, do you experience symptoms throughout the year or only certain seasons? Read this tips to prepare your self from unwanted allergies in spring season.

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