Correcting Spinal Misalignment Caused by Birth Interventions

Giving birth, in general, places an extreme amount of stress and tension on the mother’s body. Did you know that stress from birth interventions can cause stress and spine misalignment to an infant. Read further how the important is the role of pediatric chiropractor in correcting spinal misalignment caused by birth interventions.

New research is citing the longer term effects that birth interventions can have on the baby’s health. In a recent study, 500,000 low-risk, healthy women and their children born between 2000-2008 were tracked over a five-year period. Their findings are shedding new light on the role that the birthing process may play in shaping health outcomes throughout childhood. Researchers found that children born through medical interventions were at a higher risk of developing respiratory infections, diabetes, obesity, and eczema.

Previous studies have also highlighted the stress that even natural births can have on an infant’s spine. As a baby pushes through the rigid birth canal, their flexible bones have to adjust. This process causes even slight misalignment to the cranium and in the infant’s spine. This irritation to the nervous system can manifest into many common newborn health issues. Issues such as colic, breathing problems, latching/breastfeeding issues, sleep difficulties, and allergic reactions.

Trauma from Birth Interventions

When trauma to the spine from birth interventions or after a difficult natural birth are left uncorrected this could lead to future health complications as the child grows. Holding up the head, learning to sit up, crawl and walk are all impacted by the stability of the spine. Any spinal misalignment, no matter how sustained, can make it harder for the child to meet these key milestones. This may result in extreme discomfort.

This is why consulting to a pediatric chiropractor should be part of your child’s annual health regime. Gentle and specific chiropractic treatments administered by a highly-trained pediatric chiropractor can reduce the tension and interference in the spine caused during childbirth. As a child ages, the growing spine will undergo several changes and understanding how to apply the right chiropractic treatments that will be the most effective is vitally important. Partnering with a reputable chiropractor who is expertly-trained by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) can be a proven way to correct any spinal misalignment, as they occur.


Did you recently experienced birth intervention?

If your child was born using birth interventions or if you have specific concerns about your child’s spinal development, the pediatric-trained chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic can help! Our child-friendly approaches can help pinpoint areas of stress that may be causing your child discomfort. We’ll walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

Give us a call today for a complimentary pediatric spine consultation at 404-355-5499.

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