Over the past few weeks I have had numerous people ask me about sleep and how to get a the perfect quality and quantity. The good news is on Tuesday July 16th at 6:30 PM I will be doing a 45 minute workshop in the office about maximizing your sleep and significantly reducing your risk of chronic diseases. When it comes to sleep there are many hormones that are affected and by not getting good sleep we alter the balance of those hormones:

Serotonin – this is the happy hormone and not enough leads to depression
Insulin – helps body regulate blood sugar and messing with these leads to weight problems and diabetes
Melatonin – this is the sleep hormone and slow this down then you completely throw sleep off
Dopamine – altering with this hormone can lead to ADD and other neurological problems

A major foundational point is understanding that our body follows a natural rhythm and it follows the sun. In hunter and gatherer cultures and in different Blue Zones  these people would fall sleep right when the sun set. They would not be watching TV, playing on an iPad, or playing on the computer once darkness happened. This technology and light induced electronics alters the 4 hormones displayed above and throws us in a state of stress.

On July 16th I will be going through how to make this practical for the 21st century as many of us don’t get off work until it has already been dark for hours.

If we study wild animals many of them do most of their eating and hunting during the summer months as they are storing energy for the cold and short winter months. In my opinion this is why G-d gives us more sun in the summer so we could stay up longer hunting and eating. A fact you should really understand is that we are wild animals and we are part of the Animal Kingdom (remember 8th grad biology?). The sad news is too many of us are living lives of animals that are stuck in captivity and not living out a life of a wild animal.

If you study health differences between animals in captivity verse animals in the wild then you will see quantity of life is significantly decreased and chronic disease rate is super high for captive animals. At our workshop I will be going through how you can prevent many of these disease and reduce your risk by maximizing sleep and getting the right amount.

Most of this boils down to light and understanding how to make this our friend not our foe. For example, if we start our day before the sun rises and stay in well lit rooms once the sun goes down then naturally our body will crave carbohydrates. Physiologically it will do this as explained before because it wants to store up massive energy for the winter months but for many people this leads to overeating and eating food we should not be eating. At the workshop I will explain the best times to eat and what are the best foods to eat before going to sleep.

If you plan on making it please reply to this e-mail or let Samantha know on your next visit.