Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey’s! We are just so grateful for each and every single one of you! We hope that this holiday is filled with thanksgiving, family, friends, fellowship, nourishing food, and some delicious dessert (of course).

Thanksgiving Traditions

We don’t know what your Thanksgiving traditions are, but we want to share one of our favorites with you! Whether gathering in person or virtual this year – go around the table (or Zoom call) with your friends or family to share three things that you are thankful for this year. Not only does this help us see the good, but it also allows us to be grateful for the gifts we have so graciously been given. This is such a fun tradition to do… especially with your children! Their answers always guarantee some good giggles and remind us, as adults, to keep the child-like joy of our children.

Reach Out

We encourage you to take this day to reach out to the people who either have or has had an impact in your life. This day is more than grandma’s famous stuffing or pecan pie. Instead, we hope that Thanksgiving is a day that we cherish the ones who have helped shape, steady, and strengthen us. We are who we are because of those closest to us and our circle of influence.

It Takes a Village

We’ve all heard the quote, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We couldn’t agree more! Similarly, we believe that it takes a village to approach one’s health. We are so thankful to play a tiny role in your health journey! Trust us, we will never take it for granted. Providing true healthcare to you and your family is what we are thankful for every day… but especially today! More than that, we are thankful that you show up! Sometimes, it’s hard to invest in our health. But we are thankful that you choose to show up and commit to consistent chiropractic care! We wouldn’t be here without you. You are our family. For that, we are forever thankful!

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