32 Years Old


As many of you remember, my birthday is my time to reflect on life and the previous year. Most people review their year from January – December, but personally I like to review each age.

Last year, I wrote the article “31 Lessons in 31 Years“, and it discussed thirty lessons I have learned in my life. Since I have not learned thirty-two new life lessons since my birthday last year, I want to share the “gem” or “golden nugget” I learned at 31 that transformed my life.

Like every human being in the World, I have challenges in my life. These are not challenges that prevent me from living an amazing life but they are just “stuff” that occur personally, professionally, financially, socially, and emotionally. The challenges I experience can only prevent me from living an amazing life IF I allow it to do so. The only thing blocking or stopping me from an amazing life is the person I see when I look in the mirror.

Focusing on the “Stuff”

This year I focused on looking at this “stuff” as tests from the Universe to see how strong of a person I am; if I can overcome a trying situation then the Universe will provide me with more abundance and happiness. Many do not realize, but we are constantly tested to see how much we can handle. Once we get to a point when we say “Life is amazing and perfect”, then usually a test is around the corner. This test shows up in my different forms but the only grades are pass and fail.

Failing means reacting negatively, allowing circumstances to consume your life, or not choosing to be proactive when situations arise. Following a failing score, the Universe will keep you at that level in your life or bring you back down to where it thinks you need to be.

Being Tested

An example of a test personally was when I went to dinner at Seasons 52 four years ago. On the way out to valet I looked in my wallet and only saw two $5 bills. I thought to myself, “I can’t give the valet a $5, so I should ask for change.” Unfortunately at this younger age I was not aware of “tests” and how the Universe worked, so I gave the gentlemen $5 and asked for $3 back instead of giving this young, hard working kid the full $5. The Universe was testing me to see if I was ready for the next level of success and if so, how much. Unfortunately at that time, I failed by not giving the valet the full $5 so the Universe humbled me.

Passing means you moved past negative situations, stopped letting others affect you, or you did the right thing. You will always know your score because if your life stays status quo, then you have been failing however, if you are living a life of true happiness, then you are passing.

For example, last year my wife came home from dinner and told me she lost her phone. I had to be up early the next morning, so I was asleep when she told me that she thought she left it in her taxi. She called the company from my cell phone but unfortunately could not track down her phone nor knew what action steps to take. I woke up patiently and found her iPhone using the “Find My Phone” app and hunted it down through the streets of Buckhead.

Eventually the taxi stopped, and she got the phone from the driver. The driver and her passengers were completely shocked that we tracked the phone down successfully but this challenge was a test, a test of my patience and selfless commitment to my wife. Since that experience, our relationship has moved to another level of growth.

None of us on this Earth are ever put here to be unhappy, and everything that God created was designed for success and growth. Everything!

My Challenge to You

Take note, and be observant in your life because everyday there are tests to determine which level of life you are ready to experience.

Focus on this year to see how you’re being tested and watch your life grow drastically even times when these tests can be scary. Trust the process, and trust the outcome!

Get Involved

We all have a story to tell about life lessons, I’d love to hear yours! Please leave comments below.