The Bump Experience (Pregnancy Massage)

PregnancyPregnancy massages allow expecting moms to relax their achy muscles and take time to give their bodies a much needed break. This massage also helps to alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue, and increase circulation and flexibility within the body, which can ultimately make for an easier labor.

55 minute massage – $78
85 minute massage – $117

At Corrective Chiropractic, seeing women during pregnancy is extremely common and almost 15% of each Corrective Chiropractic location through Atlanta and Mount Pleasant, SC is devoted to pre-natal care.

Along with chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy being important, all of our massage therapists are highly trained in pre-natal massage.

Pregnancy massage is extremely special and requires extra attention and care such as the side positioning with cushions and other wedges within the offices to alleviate tension.

Many of our pregnancy massages focus on two factors: Muscle tension relief along with stress relief

Pregnancy massages help reduce tension throughout the back especially as the weight begins to increase over the next few months putting more tension on the lower back. Along with muscle relief, it’s important we help mom focus on stress relief and reducing those levels in order to be as relaxed as possible going into birth.

For first time moms, we know how stressful the process can sometimes be and our Corrective Chiropractic massage therapists are here to help you reduce this stress.