Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions

Twelve months ago on January 1, 2013, many of you created goals for yourself for that year. Some of you achieved these goals, while others will carry them into the 2014 year because you never made them happen. There is a high likelihood that many of these goals were health related, and yet the theme stays similar each year: unaccomplished. We have this dream and hope for something bigger and better each year, but we do not always achieve those results. This year, I wanted to write and article to help my patients asking themselves how to stick to my New Years resolutions.

Sometimes I feel personally responsible when you do not achieve your health goals because maybe I did not challenge you enough.

As I was debriefing at the end of the year I thought, how can I make the quality of my clients’ lives better while helping them achieve their health goals for the year? Many of you have shared your goals with me, which include running marathons and 5ks, eating paleo for breakfast and dinner, lose or gaining 15 pounds, doing a triathlon, completing a cleanse, and the list continues.

In 2014, we are going to make it easier for you to achieve your goals by holding you accountable. Of course, our new space opening in March 2014 will be the epicenter of health in Atlanta, as the amenities will encourage a healthy lifestyle. Jessica is also training to become a clinical nutritionist, so all of you will have a resource to learn how to eat cleaner and learn the nutrients your bodies are craving. Even so, we want to continue to go far beyond these programs.

Challenging You

By January 15th, we are asking every client to e-mail us your top 2 health goals for the 2014 year. We are going to keep track of them and do quarterly check-ins to see how you are doing. You will also have the opportunity to be part of a forum where many of us can work together to help each other with our goals. People can share recipes, training ideas, best exercise classes, and steps they are taking to become healthier. This group will be a place where you will be inspired to step out from the World that is constantly marketing misinformation to you about how to lead a healthy life. We will provide feedback and ways to help you reach your goals and not let them become more resolutions that never get accomplished.

As a chiropractor, my mission has always been to have the World look at my community and ask, “How is this community so healthy without utilizing as many drugs and surgeries as the rest of the country?” I want the public to see that the body heals itself from the inside-out, and with proper preventative care and proactive living, we can live our greatest lives.

Please send your goals to us by January 15th, and be as specific as possible. For example, rather than saying you want to lose weight, write down how much weight you want to lose. Instead of deciding you want to eat paleo, include which days you will commit to eating a paleo diet every week.

For 2014 my goals:

  1. Do a cleanse in March (minimum of 3 days)
  2. Complete an Ironman by December 31, 2014

Closing Thoughts

Start your 2014 health planning early and share your goals by commenting below! If you still are unsure about the health side, still feel free to speak opening about your other New Years resolutions.