Are High Deductible Healthcare Plans Good

Are High Deductible Healthcare Policies Good

The other day I had a discussion with a patient and the topic turned to healthcare policies. That conversation inspired this weeks blog topic, “Are High Deductible Policies Good?”.

My patient was explaining how she felt, sick with a higher fever. After talking for a little while she stated that she didn’t want to go to a the medical doctor. She chose not to seek professional care because US healthcare costs were inflated and her high deducible policy wouldn’t foot the bill.

Instead of going to the doctor and becoming dependent on medicine and other allopathic tools, she chose to care for her body naturally. She took vitamins, rested, increased fluid intake, drank green juices, got a chiropractic adjustment, and did other holistic procedures to help her body heal from the inside-out instead of the outside-in.

The Importance

This story is important because premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are rising significantly. If you want to save money in your life then taking care of your health was important yesterday. Since her deductible is so high she is now choosing to care for her body better so she can avoid the medical world and live a healthier life.

When people tell me that eating healthy, working out, chiropractic, massage, and other proactive tools of living are expensive, I usually let them know that these are investments. Living proactively is the best “health” insurance for yourself and is the only tool that can keep you healthy.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where people wait until they get diagnosed with a disease before they become serious about being proactive with their health. Many people wait until they have heart disease before they eat an anti-inflammatory diet and workout. People wait until they have cancer before eating an alkaline diet. Most people will even wait until they have diabetes before cutting their sugar intake.

Let’s get real, NOBODY but you can provide the best care for yourself. We are the keepers of our body and the only person that can make sure it stays healthy and lives on.

Is it bad to see the medical doctor? Absolutely not! However, they are designed for crisis care situations and to put fires out. Chiropractors, eating healthy, and working out are tools that rebuild the body to prevent fires from re-occurring.

Get Involved

Let’s hear your story. What actions are taking to better care for yourself?