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Chiropractic Treatments: Are they a natural way to help lower blood pressure?

With blood pressure medication recalls hitting the news every few months, the safety and effectiveness of these treatments are being questioned. But, with the rise of high blood pressure in the country, researchers are lowly setting their sights on discovering an all-natural way to treat hypertension. And, one innovative chiropractor suggests that chiropractic treatments can […]

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All-Natural Chiropractic Care Could Help Curb Opioid Addiction

Chiropractors and alternative pain management may be the answer the country needs to end opioid abuse. Over the past 5 years, opioid use and addiction have skyrocketed, with no end in sight. As doctors continue prescribing opioids for pain management, the addiction rate is expected to continue to rise. It is estimated that over 259 […]