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Most people don’t associate sleep with visiting a chiropractor, but there is a real relationship between these two worlds. In fact, chiropractors are often the solution to chronic sleep problems. If you can’t sleep, explore the reasons why a chiropractor in Woodstock might be your best solution.

1. Aligning the Spine 

A chiropractor’s main job is to align the spine. They perform this service by adjusting the body and putting it into specific positions. This practice may seem extreme, but an aligned spine contributes to fewer restless nights.

Pain is ultimately the culprit for your lack of sleep. Misaligned spines create pain along any part of the back. You may not even realize that the spine isn’t in good shape until you experience a chiropractor’s services. If you aren’t in pain, sleep just comes naturally.

2. Improving Blood Flow 

As the chiropractor aligns your spine, other tissues move into their natural positions. Tight muscles, strained tendons and other areas will suddenly feel loose and relaxed. In fact, these areas are now receiving better blood flow than before.

When you’re misaligned, certain blood vessels can be narrowed. Nutrients flowing within the bloodstream don’t have a chance to nourish your tissues. Better blood flow leads to a healthier body that sleeps well each night.

3. Suggesting Sleep Positions 

So, you can’t get sleep? Chiropractors are experts in anatomy. They understand how each bone, tendon and ligament contribute to a well-aligned body. As a result, they’ll know how your body should be positioned during rest for the best night’s sleep.

Ideally, sleeping on your back is the most natural position. Your chiropractor will usually tell patients that sleeping on the stomach is just a recipe for insomnia. However, the chiropractor will look at your individual situation in order to determine the smartest position. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to comfort.

4. Discussing Pillow and Mattress Selections 

The materials that you rest your head and body on are playing a role in your sleep quality. Chiropractors are informal experts in this area because they provide advice about the best beds for their patients. The spine can only remain aligned if the person sleeps on firm pillows and mattresses.

Soft materials allow the spine to bend into unnatural positions after an alignment session. You end up misaligned again, which leads to pain and less sleep. Following your chiropractor’s suggestions about the proper pillows and mattresses will make a difference in your sleep quality.

Always research your chosen chiropractor before heading off to your first appointment. This professional should have the necessary background to align your spine. They can be your partner in quality rest for the rest of your life otherwise.



When we feel those sinus-like symptoms start to kick in, our society tends to turn to antibiotics like amoxicillin. The antibiotics then eliminate both the thriving and harmful bacteria that is intruding on our systematic physiological flow (“anti”- against, “biotic”- living organisms). We have so much concern with bacteria in and on our bodies that we go to extreme lengths to eradicate them- all of them (which means destroying the destructive and beneficial little buggers alike).

Here is a run-down of what happens when antibiotics are introduced to the body:

Antibiotics wipe out all bacteria, good & bad –> No good bacteria left to  fight off remnants of virus/disease –> Bad bacteria strengthens & becomes resilient to antibiotics –>


Bacteria- 1

Body- 0

Now, please do not misunderstand me- I believe antibiotics have their place in our lives (i.e. In emergency situations). However, when we take them, we have to be so intentional about also giving our bodies plenty of probiotics to help support their natural ability to rid themselves of harmful illnesses. In Joyce Killian’s article “The Overlooked Role of Probiotics in Human Health” in Life Extension Magazine, April 2012, she explains the impact that probiotics have on a person’s overall health. Our bodies depend on these organisms for healthy immune functioning (as the gut is host to more than 70% of the immune system), decreased inflammation, and gut flora balance. Probiotics also group together to line the intestinal walls, hence acting as a shield against the determined and harmful bacteria that want to escape into the body. Protecting the gut is foundational to a healthy and thriving body.

Food sources of probiotics

Sauerkraut – Kombucha (fermented tea) – Fermented vegetables

Organic fermented dairy (from grass-fed animals)


Best Vitamin Supplements For Winter Months

Needless to say, the amount of rainfall this summer has been higher than normal, and because of this there will be a lot of repercussions. (At the office we’ve already noticed more patients coming in with cold and flu like symptoms, many have been asking us “What are the best supplements to take during the winter months?”. This is a great question! In this article we will dive into the question and offer advice on the topic.

Rain, rain go away! This seems to have been the jingle this summer as the amount of precipitation in Atlanta has been hitting record highs. In June, we had 9.57 inches of rain compared to the average of 3.95 inches, and in July, we had 8.48 inches compared to the 5.27 inches. Needless to say, the amount of rainfall this summer has been higher than normal, and because of this there will be a lot of repercussions.


Summertime is our opportunity to be outside, work out and store up vitamin D to protect us from the fall/winter months (aka flu season). Unfortunately, due to all the rain this summer, most people are deficient in vitamin D and have not been outside as much loading up vitamin D for the fall. I have a bad feeling that if people do not build up their vitamin D levels soon then this fall could be a very bad flu season. It will not be a bad season because the flu is bad, but because people’s bodies are not strong enough to fight off bacteria with suppressed immune systems.

Once September begins, people tend to drink more and cook out more with football season then, October brings Halloween, which includes massive amounts of sugar; November has thanksgiving, which is a gluten bomb to the body, and then the holidays hit us in December with emotional stress. All of this to say, the next 3 months make or break whether you give bacteria a chance to thrive and develop into the flu. Your goal should be to build a titanium immune system over the next 3 months, so you are not laid out and miserable from the flu or other problems going around this time of year.

A 2010 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed dramatic improvement on the immune system with the use of vitamin D and its effect on preventing the flu. Children who were taking 1200 IU (see back label) daily showed a 42% reduction in contracting the flu. There was no correlation to how much a person was taking a day, but the key was making sure her/his serum levels were between 50 – 70 ng/ml. The average adult would need to take 8000 IUs daily to achieve levels greater than 40 ng/ml, which is why the sun is the best and easiest way to get vitamin D, as we absorb it much faster and do not need as much time. Testing your vitamin D levels can be done through your medical doctor and would be a great action step to complete before October starts.

Choosing a vitamin brand that is whole food based is essential; taking vitamins made of synthetic or artificial materials is damaging to your health. We do not want a healthy action turning into a destructive one, so we have made the process easier for you. Come into the office this week and pick up your bottle of a whole food based source of vitamins D for only $10.

We thank you for taking the time to read our article about the best supplements for the winter months. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or call our office at 404-382-9280.