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Best Time to Start Chiropractic Care

When many people first visit our office they’re in shock at the average age of our patients. Most people are expecting to walk into an office full of older people with back and neck pain, but not expecting to walk …

Is Chiropractic Safe

Is Chiropractic Safe

One of the most common questions people around Atlanta ask when visiting my office is “Is Chiropractic Safe?”. Maybe they have seen too many horror movies depicting chiropractic negatively, perhaps even heard a story from someone who has never been …

Are High Deductible Healthcare Plans Good

Are High Deductible Healthcare Policies Good

The other day I had a discussion with a patient and the topic turned to healthcare policies. That conversation inspired this weeks blog topic, “Are High Deductible Policies Good?”.

My patient was explaining how she felt, sick with a higher …