In health care, having a plan is the best way to ensure that you are able to achieve optimal results. Similar to how a personal trainer may put their clients on a nutrition or exercise regime to follow to help them achieve their fitness goals, your chiropractor should do the same. According to the experienced chiropractors at Corrective Chiropractic, these are the five reasons why your chiropractor should put you on a spinal treatment plan.


  1. Assess your spinal health. When your chiropractor creates your corrective plan, they will do a thorough assessment. This is designed to get an accurate understanding of where your trouble spots are, the level of misalignment you currently have, and the severity of your back issues. This is your baseline reading and gives your chiropractor a clear picture of what the future sessions will have to address to help you achieve the best results possible.
  2. Monitor your progress. Without a plan in place, it will be difficult for your chiropractor to track what they have addressed and what outstanding issues are still present. A corrective plan enables you to more completely track how you feel and what areas may continue causing you pain and discomfort. As the sessions progress, your chiropractor will be able to determine if you are achieving better health results or if a plan modification is needed.
  3. Pinpoint any recurring issues. If you visit your chiropractor sporadically, once every 6 months, it will be hard for them to have a thorough assessment of your back health. In these cases, you are continually updating them on how you feel and your initial pain areas. By having a spinal treatment plan, you are able to ensure that all of your pain areas are addressed and that your chiropractor has a near real-time glimpse into your back health, without the lengthy debriefing that occurs during infrequent visits.
  4. Help you make lifestyle adjusts. Most lower back and neck pain can be traced back to how we sit or the activities we engage in. Working with your chiropractor, you will be able to get insights into how you can improve your back health through easy-to-implement every day practices such as avoiding slouching when looking at a mobile device. The key to a sound corrective plan is to find your most troublesome areas and learn how to lessen the stressors that may be exacerbating your discomfort in these areas.
  5. Keep your back healthy in all conditions. In many cases, with regular visits, you and your chiropractor will be able to spot patterns of pain. For example, after a week of strenuous workouts, your chiropractor may notice that your lower back needs more attention. Whereas, after prolonged time sitting in front of your computer, your cervical spine may need adjusting. Either way, knowing these common stressors in your life can be factored into your corrective plan, allowing you to get the sustained relief you need.

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According to Pew research, for 21st-Century teens, having a smartphone and spending upwards of 9 hours a day on it, has become the norm. Though this trend is no different from the addictiveness that adults have with their cell phones as well, the damage to the neck muscles can be greater for the younger demographic. As your child’s body changes, having improper posture can put undue strain on the muscles, the bones, and in turn the spine.

As the number of hours spent on mobile devices is expected to increase, it is essential for parents to put a back care plan in place to counteract the health effects that prolonged technology use can cause.

With extended cell phone use, a physical condition, being referred to as “text neck” is emerging and proving that teens and young adults are at the greatest risk.

What is “Text Neck?”

When your child spends time on their phone, they are often looking in a downward posture, keeping their head, neck, back, and spine in one, often uncomfortable position. Though it may feel comfortable, in the moment, holding this craned-neck posture for hours or frequently throughout the day inadvertently puts the cervical spine at great risk. The cervical spine supports the neck and head and is positioned at the top of the spine. Having incorrect posture puts this portion of the spine out of alignment. When that occurs, chronic neck and back pain can quickly make simple movements very painful and inhibit your child’s growth and physical development.

It is difficult to predict what the long-term effects of having a prolonged craned-neck posture can have on overall health. However, medical researchers speculate that the increased use of mobile devices may come with a future increase in early-onset arthritis of the neck.

Despite the evidence pointing to long-term effects, research studies have found that text neck can cause immediate health problems such as severe upper back pain, strained neck and shoulder muscles, and pinched spinal nerves. And, children and teens are the most at risk of developing these debilitating conditions, as their mobile device usage is nearly two times greater than adults.

How do you prevent text neck?

The short answer is to limit cell phone and mobile device use per day, limiting it to no more than 1 hour a day. However, the longer term solution to prevent chronic back and neck pain is to maintain a straight posture when viewing a mobile device. Making regular visits to an experienced pediatric chiropractor can be the most effective way to address spinal misalignment at its source and correct any muscle and spinal issues before they evolve into a more long-term issue.

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As the amount of computer usage explodes, technology experts estimate that the average American adult spends at least 10 hours a day in front of a computer screen.

Spending prolonged periods of time in front of either a laptop or desktop computer can take a toll on your body in a number of ways. Some workers report more frequent headaches, eye strain, even carpal tunnel-like symptoms from extended computer usage. More importantly, sitting for long stretches of time, using your computer can also cause lower back pain due to poor posture. When you are in a seated position, your muscles and ligaments must work together to keep your torso upright.

With proper posture, your back and neck muscles will not be put under undue strain and no pain or discomfort should result. However, when you sit in front of a computer, in a slouch, shoulders-forward position, your back and neck muscles will attempt to adjust. At first, sitting with this posture may seem more comfortable than sitting with an erect back, but, over time this slouched position can cause both neck and/or lower back pain. If this pain and misaligned posture is not corrected, it can lead to more severe pain and spinal misalignment that can cause discomfort in other parts of the body.

Taking proactive steps to correct your posture and practice important self-care routines is a critical component to ensure that your body is as healthy as possible and not under unnecessary/avoidable strain.

Here are the top three ways to prevent extended computer use from wreaking havoc on your back and neck muscles.

Get adequate sleep.

When your body is rested, it is better able to repair the natural wear and tear it encounters as you go through your day. If you are able to get 8-10 hours of restful sleep every night, your body can feel more relaxed and flexible while you are at work. The more flexible your back feels, the less tense and the less strain you will feel as you sit.


Adjust your posture.

If you notice that you are sitting in a slouched position, make an effort to correct this by sitting up straight. It may help to get a higher desk, or a more ergonomic chair to ensure you are not forced to lean over to see the computer screen. In addition, spending even 5 minutes every hour to stand and stretch can help to keep your muscles limber and not likely to feel stiff.


Visit a chiropractor.

Adding a trusted chiropractor to your monthly self-care routine can be an effective way to avoid back and neck pain that can be easily corrected. When you sit with a slouched posture, your muscles take a beating and can pull your spine out of alignment. By having regular spinal adjustments, you are able to keep your back and neck feeling their best and prevent your muscles from experiencing irreversible damage.
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Are you a seasonal allergy sufferer? Are you tired of not being able to breathe when the leaves start falling?

With allergy season ramping up and before you stock up on antihistamines and other medications, consider visiting your local Corrective Chiropractor to help!

Here’s why…

Chiropractic treatments are all-natural, non-invasive, and are a medication-free way to manage your allergies. The onslaught of sneezing, runny noses, watery eyes, and even wheezing are all your body’s natural defense against seemingly harmless substances. Your allergic reaction or allergies are caused by your immune system initiating an exaggerated response to substances (like pollen in the Spring, or dust, ragweed – you name it) that are otherwise harmless to your body.

With regular chiropractic adjustments, through the allergy season and beyond you’ll be able to:

  1. Boost your immune system.

    When you spine is misaligned, your nervous system is not able to function properly. This means the communication between our brain and the rest of your body is impacted, including your immune system. And often the more severe the misalignment in the spine, the worse the allergies become as the brain is not able to regulate the histamines your body produces, causing you to sneeze, cough, and wheeze more than normal.

  2. Regulate your stress hormones.

    A properly aligned spine will enable your brain to better control the stress hormones your body produces and releases. This in turn allows you to feel less stressed and your body will overall be less tense with regular chiropractic adjustments. The more stress you have and feel, the more your immune system will be impacted and the greater toll your allergies will have on your body.

  3. Enhance your breathing.

    Similar to the immune system, your respiratory system is controlled by your nervous system. By making sure your nervous system is functioning at its best, you’re better able to regulate not just how you breathe but how your body responds to irritants that may enter your body through your nose or mouth. It is these pesky irritants that disrupt your immune system and cause an allergic reaction. The better equipped your body is to destroy or contain these airborne irritants the less severe your allergies will be.

As we enter into the allergy season, you don’t have to suffer!

In fact, there is an all-natural and proven way to manage your allergies and boost your energy levels too. To learn about the non-invasive chiropractic treatments and how they are helping Georgia and South Carolina residents kick their allergies to the curb, click here.