What is the name of your business and what is its function?

CrossFit Terminus is a full-service strength and conditioning facility dedicated to quality coaching.  We strive to help individuals become a better version of themselves by providing excellent service and unparalleled coaching in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

How long have you been in Atlanta?

We opened in August 2013 and have always been in Old Fourth Ward. In late 2016 we plan to open up our brand new state of the art facility off Memorial in Reynoldstown.

What do you like most about Atlanta?ter

We love the diversity of our community, and we intentionally welcome all people with open arms and support each person’s goals, whether those goals are to build muscle, lose weight, or simply have a healthier body.

Also, the name Terminus represents our love for our city.  When Georgia decided to build a railroad line from the Midwest down to modern day Atlanta, a stake was put into the ground just a few miles away from the gym, which became known as Terminus, literally meaning “End of the Line.” Contrary to popular belief, we did not take the name Terminus from the AMC show The Walking Dead, although it was a nice coincidence!

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?

We are here to share our passion for fitness and create a community based on the pursuit of fitness.  Our goal is to foster unbreakable bonds with an open-minded environment, and we strive to create greatness inside and outside our community. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, maintaining open communication, and never losing focus on helping individuals achieve balance and success inside and outside of the gym.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is anyone who is willing to better him or herself by practicing patience, hard work, and commitment.  We are here to help all kinds of people regardless of their athletic background achieve their fitness goals.

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?

We believe the biggest misconception of CrossFit Terminus is that we are solely interested in a ‘competitive’ environment.  In reality, our goal is to help people in all walks of life become better versions of themselves.  We love seeing people become more confident and better prepared for the unknowns of every life.  We want people to take fitness as a long-term approach, striving for health over the course of a lifetime.

What is the name of your business and what is its function?

Thunderbolt Power Yoga, a Heated Power Vinyasa Yoga Studio offering a range of classes suitable for all-levels.

How long have you been in Buckhead?Thunderbolt_LoyallHartPhotography0051

Thunderbolt Power Yoga opened in September 2014!

We are about to celebrate our two year Birthday!

What do you like most about Buckhead?

We love the community in Buckhead and we have benefitted from partnerships with like-minded local businesses on many occasions.  Many of the yogis at Thunderbolt celebrate our tight knit community and champion the quality of yoga instruction and customer service that we provide.  

What separates your business from the others and makes it the best?

There are many yoga studios in the Atlanta area, and each has its unique character.  Carly Grace Hinchman, TPY Studio Owner & Founder, ends each of her classes with the mantra, “Be audaciously playful.”  Our community is fun-loving, empowering, and seeks to lift one another up in spirit and in life.

Who is your ideal client?

An experienced yoga student who is hoping to experiment with inversions or challenging poses to enliven her practice, or a true beginner who is looking to improve performance in a sport or whom wants to start practicing yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle.  

People have all sorts of reasons for coming to class.  Anyone who is ready to sweat and have fun is an ideal client!

Is there something that people in the community do not know about your business that they should know?

We use a infrared radiant energy to heat our yoga room, rather than the alternative forced air systems offered in many studios. We adhere to a strict no cell phones in the room policy to keep the environment and yoga room clutter free.  We strive to help each student truly begin a life long yoga practice.

For more information please check out: http://www.thunderboltpoweryoga.com/

The sun is extremely beneficial for our bodies- it gifts us with the highest amount of natural Vitamin D, which is a very vital nutrient for proper functioning and improved immunity, and the warm rays can improve mood and sleep quality. In fact, we all need to get about 20 minutes of unblocked sun on a daily basis to get adequate amounts of Vitamin D into our bodies. That being said, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure that you do not burn your skin with too much sun exposure.


– Prep your body for sun exposure. If you are not used to being in the sun unprotected, start with 5 minutes a day for one week, and increase by 5 minutes each week thereafter until you are getting 15-30 minutes each day.

– Eat foods that prepare your body internally and protect against harmful UV radiation effects:

o Red Apples (block/kill cancer cells)

o Green Tea (fights free radicals/decrease inflammation)

o Strawberries/Kiwis/Oranges (block development of cancer cells/decrease inflammation)

o Watermelon/Tomatoes (protect against UV radiation-induced effects)

o Carrots/Sweet Potatoes (protect against/repairs cells from UV radiation-induced effects)

o Fish/Avocados/Coconut (Decrease inflammation)


– Use natural, organic sun screens. Many of the common creams out there are filled with toxic chemicals that are harmful to the skin (ironic, huh?). Some good brands include Coola, Raw Elements, Aubrey Organics, Alba Botanica, and Dr. Mercola.

– Use clothing, hats, umbrellas, and sunglasses to cover your skin from the sun- they are easy ways to get protection without having to lather chemicals onto your skin.

– Drink lots of water!


– If burned, apply aloe Vera (from the actual leaf, which you can buy at the grocery store). Cut the tip of the leaf, and rub the gel-like liquid over the skin. You can also put aloe Vera in your drinks for extra hydration.

– Drink even more water! The sun dries out your skin, so beat dehydration with some good H2O.

– Cucumbers all around! Slice ‘em up, and put them in your water, on a salad, or even on your skin- they are incredibly hydrating and have high antioxidant healing properties.

– Rub coconut oil on your body to help replenish the skin- healthy fats are key to good health (especially skin health!)

Same rules apply when it is an overcast day- do not be fooled by the sneaky clouds!

This week is my favorite week of the year!

As we come closer to July 1, we become a step closer to the halfway point for 2014.

Many of us have gone full steam ahead after our goals and dreams, while several of us have lost our steam and drive.

As many of you know, my wife and I always take off time this week, so we can have full reflection away from “most” technology and distractions.

This year, we are adventuring in the beautiful country of Italy, enjoying the scenes, food, people, and culture.

Here are a couple pictures of our trip so far:


I am taking this time to reflect on the first part of the year to see what I need to do or who I need to become in the ladder part to fulfill my dreams.

When reviewing this 2014 year, I find that focusing on the following 5 categories helps align my life goals and dreams: Personal, People, Play, Professional, and Prosperity.

I find it fascinating that in Italy locals do not let their professional commitments consume every facet of their lives.

This is a very different mindset from that of ours in United States, a society where many people (not all) look at success only from a professional standpoint.

Breaking down the 5 P’s, however, shows that “professional”  is only one piece of the puzzle (or only 20%) to living a successful life. This means a person could be at 0% in her or his professional career but still be living an abundant life of 80% success overall.

I would love to hear from you about what you plan to do to reflect on how your year is going thus far.

Are you where you want to be or are you better?

This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit one of the top organically   photo 3  grown supplement companies in the World: Standard Process. If you are interested in learning more about their products, which I recommend, then check out Jessica’s article “Which supplements are best for you?”

We arrived at the Standard Process (SP) farm on Friday at 10:00 AM and took a thorough tour through the farm and facility to better understand the efficiency and quality of their products. Everything about the company is contagious from the way the employees clean the machinery to the types of produce they put in their supplements to the passion of each SP worker.

Following the 2-hour tour, our weekend speaker asked the group of 60 chiropractors if we are “playing a bigger game” in our lives. This question intrigued me and sparked many ideas, as I truly believe my life’s purpose is to reeducate people about TRUE healthcare. In today’s U.S. society, we are marketed a different kind of healthcare system, one that has the potential to have the best of intentions but does not always come with desired results. Obviously, if what everyone is doing worked so well, then we would be the healthiest country on the planet, but unfortunately, we are one of the sickest. photo 4

When you look at your life ask yourself, “Am I playing a bigger game?”

The speaker’s message drove the point that most people focus on the outcomes and goals, but they rarely focus on the game itself. However, if people spend more time on the game, then everything else will be a byproduct of playing that game, and success will be a result of each action. photo 2

For example, we set specific goals for our practice, such as the number of new patients we want to accept each month, the number of people who will attend workshops, and the list continues. If we only concentrate on raising these numbers, then our main focus is more so on the outcomes rather than the game, yet we work diligently to ensure that the details of your care are covered every quarter of the game.

This game our amazing staff and myself are playing is “creating energy in people’s lives”. We do this through chiropractic adjustments, compliments, quality customer service, new facilities, best technology, advanced workshops, weekly newsletters, functional nutrition consultations, and even high fives. Our game is to create a healthier energy for you, so you can live the best version of yourself.

One of the other reasons I loved visiting the farm is because of the game they are playing and how well they care for their employees. Here are some of the employee benefits (even with a staff of over 300 people):

1) Free chiropractic care on-site
2) Massages for only $6/20 minutes on-site
3) Discounted acupuncture on-site
4) $450 worth of supplements each month
5) Free gym membership with classes and challenges
6) Subsidized daycare by the company

Standard Process highly values its employees and their personal fulfillment and health. After all, the better the workers play the game and become part of the company’s vision, the better the outcome for everyone involved.  photo 5

My hope for you is that you look at your life (not judging it good or bad) and determine whether you are hanging out in the comfort zone or playing a bigger game for humanity. At times, we have a tendency to stay in this comfort zone, and I am guilty of doing so, as well. However, if you let yourself venture into the experience of playing a bigger game, you might just find that you get uncomfortable in the comfort zone very quickly because your life is set on a different (and oftentimes more exciting) path.

When John F Kennedy told our country, he is going to put a man on the moon in 10 years, he did not know the “HOW”. He was a visionary willing to play a big game and lo and behold, a man gets to the moon. If you know the “HOW” behind your game in life then your game may not big enough.

I would love to hear any feedback and help you find out if you are playing a bigger game in life.

photo 1

I went ahead and did this workout on Thursday night after watching Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs make it look easy. Rich looked as if he was casually doing burpees and slowly doing his thrusters. I remember my coach saying during our workout “Rich just finished!” and we were all on rounds 12 and 15.

I will not re-do this again BUT if I were to there are definitely some strategies that would help.


* Stay hydrated throughout the day! A lot of people who did this on Thursday needed water during the WOD. I would be drinking lots of water and coconut water throughout the day to make sure the cells are ready to perform.

* If you are going at night then stay light throughout the day. If you are going in the morning then make sure not have a heavy breakfast of bacon and eggs. This workout is all muscle endurance so last thing you will want is to feel heavy.

 Jog for 5 minutes
* Lunge twist
* Leg swings
* Shoulder mobility
* Stretch out wrists and get mobile front rack position
* 5-10 thrusters (have good front rack with each one and stay on heels)
* 10 Kettlebell swings


Thrusters: Unless you are some freak of nature (Rich Froning) then stick to breaking up the thrusters and not hitting failure. Here is my goal if I were to re-do:

5/4 (UB)
6 (UB)
3 (UB)

Burpees: Make sure you are not jumping to far over the bar. DO a burpee, stand up, walk towards bar then jump. Do not make long jumps to overdo this workout and burn out early.

Read more here on more tips and strategies for CrossFit Open 14.4 Workout.

Ok, I know what everyone is thinking. “This is going to kill MY back.” Yes, BUT only if you lose your biomechanics, form, and don’t listen to the body. I did this on Thursday night and woke up feeling fine Friday morning but I went at 90%. My goal is to not blow or herniate my disc for the sake of a few extra reps as each rep beyond the point of exhaustion could be damaging.

I plan on redoing this workout on Sunday at 4:00 PM with the strategies below, as I have now had time to digest this workout.


* Breakfast @ 9:00 AM – I will be having a breakfast wrap to start the day. (Brown rice wrap, guacamole spread, bacon, chicken sausage, spinach, onions, olives, and mushrooms)

* Lunch @ 1:00 PM – Plan on getting in more protein as well as well as some carbs. (Chicken and sweet potato)

* Pre-Workout Snack @ 3:30 PM – Green Tea and 6 BCAA’s (Poliquin)

* Note – I plan on drinking A LOT of water throughout the day to hydrate the soft tissue in my body as well as the spinal discs.


* 100% plan on seeing my chiropractor the morning of the workout. This is a lot of loading on the lumbar spine so I prefer to make sure my biomechanics are in alignment for less loading and better function.

* I also will sit on an exercise ball throughout the day to create mobility into the discs. These discs look similar to jelly doughnuts and too much stress can push the fluid out and create a herniation. This is not worth it!!!


* Jog for 7 minutes

* Stretch the glutes/hamstrings (inch worm, power skip, and lunge with rotation)

* Work up to a good lift at 275 (1 time)

* Do 10 step up/down. Rest 15 seconds. Repeat 2 times.


* As we learned last year, step up/down is much more efficient.

* It will be better to load than unload as I saw on Thursday night. Have your bar ready to go and the weights already laid out appropriately.

*I will also be using a women’s 35 lb to help with the grip as it will not be as wide.

35lb bar + 5 lb + 45lb (each side) = 135lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb (each side) = 185lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb (each side) = 225lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb (each side) = 275lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb (each side) = 315lb

35lb bar + 5lb + 45lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb + 2, 10lb + 25lb (each side) = 365lb

* Listen to your body!! Do not try for extra reps by losing form. You will regret this long term.

* Other than that this workout is pretty self explanatory and as long as you are hydrated, mobile, and conscious than you should do very well.



* Take a Recovery Bath (epsom salt, coconut oil, and arnica oil)

* Get mobility into your discs through exercise ball.

* Realign your spine through chiropractic.

* Get a soft tissue massage to flush the soft tissue and help recover. You are halfway through the Open and now is a good time to rejuvenate.