When we feel those sinus-like symptoms start to kick in, our society tends to turn
very quickly to antibiotics. These antibiotics eliminate the harmful bacteria
that are intruding on our systematic physiological flow (“anti”- against, “biotic”- living organisms).
Unfortunately, they also destroy the thriving bacteria that keep our guts strong.
We have so much concern with bacteria in and on our bodies that we go to extreme
lengths to eradicate them- all of them (which means destroying the destructive
and beneficial little buggers alike).

Here is a run-down of what happens when antibiotics are introduced to the body:


Now, please do not misunderstand me- I believe antibiotics can have their place in our lives (i.e. in emergency situations). However, when we take them, we have to be so intentional about also giving our bodies plenty of probiotics to help support our gut’s natural ability to rid itself of harmful illnesses. In Joyce Killian’s article “The Overlooked Role of Probiotics in Human Health” in Life Extension Magazine, April 2012, she explains the impact that probiotics have on a person’s overall health. Our bodies depend on these organisms for healthy immune functioning (as the gut is host to more than 70% of the immune system), decreased inflammation, and gut flora balance. Probiotics also group together to line the intestinal walls, hence acting as a shield against the determined and harmful bacteria that want to escape into the body. Protecting the gut is foundational to a healthy and thriving body.



Food sources of probiotics

Kombucha (fermented tea)
Fermented vegetables
Organic Keifer (from grass-fed animals)
Organic Whole Fat Plain Yogurt (from grass-fed animals)


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Summer is almost here! Everyone is getting ready to go out under the sun and going to a summer vacation. The question is, is your body ready? Be sure to be healthy still this summer season. Try out my recipe for local veggie salad. This is so easy to make and ingredients are just local so you can source it out without a hassle and bustle.

  • Beets (1, diced super small)
  • Cucumbers (2, spiraled)
  • Basil (⅓ cup, fresh, chopped)
  • * Peaches (1, chopped)



  • Mix all together with some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), salt, and pepper.



Enjoy this refreshing and local dish!

For more tips, read our article on how to maximize your health this summer and supplements to keep your health and nutrition upbeat.

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water keeps your body healthy

As we recently enjoyed a beautiful Memorial Day this past weekend, it seems the summer sun is upon us and so are the pool, lake, and beach outings! Like many of you, I will be taking advantage of the sun and making sure I max out my vitamin D levels and get that good tan. We all have summer vacation places to go where our best thoughts come to us and summer foods we crave. We feel one with nature, and anything that could possibly fog our mind begins to clear itself. Growing up in Charleston, SC my whole life, I always make a point to get to the water as much as possible in the summer as it is my place of peace and serenity.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a very important article about staying healthy through the summer which should be read before moving on. This article stresses 3 important tips you and your family can take to boost your health this summer. These can be taken along with the healthy summer foods you eat like like the local summer salad recipe we have.

Also, we will be doing a Whole Foods Shopping Tour on June 4th at 7:00 PM. At this event I will give everyone my best recipes, how to alkalize your body, good breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas, and other ways you can boost your health this summer. Click Here to Register

A follow-up to that article which many of you have requested is what supplements should you be taking this summer. I will go into this in further detail a the Whole Foods Tour but if you look at our glass case, you will notice a change in product. As seasons change, we will put in the glass case the supplements my family and I take to maintain our health throughout that particular season. So for each season, you will notice new products and those would be recommended for that time of year based on what our body’s will need.

The following products are what I will begin taking the day after Memorial Day until Labor Day. These are 3 Must-try supplements to boost your nutrition and still get fit this summer season. I’ll take a moment to explain their benefits to you and your family:

1) Cataplex F

cataplex f.jpgOver the next 3 months, one thing which will be common for some of you is sunburn. When this happens, you can create excess vitamin D in the body which means the skin overproduced vitamin D. Excess vitamin D will send too much calcium to the bones and can deplete the calcium available for muscles. This is why many people will notice an increase in cramping and muscle cramps through the summer.

The natural balance to vitamin D is vitamin F.  Vitamin F is the calcium mobilizer that facilitates calcium to be transported to your muscles where it is needed. Vitamin F will also help reduce sunburn if taken before going out into the sun.


2) USF Ointment

USF ointment can combat dry, scaly, cracked or sensitive skin without the harsh chemicals often found in lotions. This Ointment contains Vitamin F, lanolin, linseed oil and lecithin. If you are out in the sun for too long and get sunburn, then this would be the lotion to put on you or your family’s skin to help the healing process.

usf ointment.jpg

“Lanolin is made up of water and fats, making it a natural emollient to damaged skin. Linseed oil provides essential fatty acids required by every living cell to rebuild and produce new cells. Lecithin, a phospholipid, is a major component of cell membranes. The cell membrane acts as a gatekeeper for incoming and outgoing nutrients and wastes, Lecithin helps cells absorb essential fatty acids. These three ingredients supply oil and moisture to support healthy skin cells. The Vitamin F Complex contains important fatty acids that promote healthy skin and hair. The vitamin F Complex also brings needed oxygen and calcium from the blood to also help promote healthy skin. The natural oils in lanolin and linseed oils help to restore elasticity to dry and brittle skin. Lecithin promotes absorption of these precious oils into the cells. As moisture is restored, the tight feeling, itching, and flaking of skin is often significantly relieved.” – USF Ointment Product Detail


3) Tuna Oil

tuna oil standard process.jpgI know each week it feels as if I am promoting this product, but it is because I think it this (tuna oil) is important for everyone to take.

Every educated healthcare practitioner would tell you how important omega 3 is for your body and the benefits it can create, which is why I keep harping on this topic. Too many of you say “I get plenty of omega 3 from the Atlantic salmon I eat”. Unfortunately Atlantic salmon is completely farm raised AND it is VERY difficult to get enough quality omega 3’s from your fish. Also, I know some you take other brands which is completely fine, but the only other brand I would recommend is Nordic Naturals. They are another quality brand like Standard Process.

Our diets consist of a high amount omega 6’s which can create inflammation in the body and by balancing it with omega 3, we begin to reduce inflammation. In other countries medical doctors will prescribe fish oil or omega 3 for their client before they put them on drugs.


Want to be healthy this summer?

Get this 3 best recommended supplements to boost your health and nutrition this summer! If you are interested how to get this, let me know by commenting below. I will hold them for you so you can pick-up on your next visit.

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Have a fun and healthy summer, everyone!