Do you get those unwanted spring allergies every year? What if those symptoms can be lessened (and sometimes even eliminated)? The keys are preparation, detox, and support. We need to cleanse the body of toxins and build up the fighting organs with enough fuel to combat allergens that are coming just around the corner. Follow these steps, and build a titanium internal defense against allergies. We provide tips on how to prepare for unwanted allergies this spring season.

  1. Beat spring allergies by eating beets. Lots of them! These root veggies are powerful in thinning out the bile that carries toxins out of the body, making everything move out a bit faster.
  1. Include more raw leafy greens into your food choices. Not only do they provide a surplus of essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber to the body, but greens also are important for the cleansing process of your organs, blood, and tissues.
  1. Add a high quality fish oil. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oils decrease inflammation in the body that is caused by toxins. Healthy oils also build up the brain, cardiovascular system, and digestive track.
  1. Increase foods that are high in Vitamin C. This important vitamin is essential for adrenal health and stress response, as well as your immune health {organic bell peppers, leafy greens, kiwi, broccoli, berries, oranges, papayas, and tomatoes}. Vitamin C will help your body fight seasonal allergies by strengthening your immune system.
  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar. This versatile ingredient does wonders for the body. First thing in the morning, mix 2 tsp of ACV in a glass of water with juice from a lemon, and your digestive track and detox systems will start working asap.
  1. Check for nutritional deficiencies in your body. Use whole food-based concentrates to correct any levels that are off balance, and regain your health before the seasons change. Ask Jessica, our Nutrition Advisor, about nutrition services offered here at Corrective Chiropractic and to schedule your appointment.

Alternatively, this is also a time in the season where chiropractic visit becomes so important. Regular chiropractic adjustment has proven effects that lessens allergies on patients. You can also check out nutritious recipes and healthy living tips on the @More_Than_Food in Instagram and YouTube channel!

Best Food For Kids School Lunch
With a busy holiday season in full speed, preparing school lunches can be pushed to the bottom of the to-do list (especially when it comes to making wholesome, nutritious meals). Kids need constant fuel to maintain momentum throughout the day- every cell, organ, tissue, and muscle are hard at work every moment of the day to keep your child alive and well. Therefore, it is at the utmost importance to feed her or him nourishing and energy-filled foods to supply the body’s systems with fuel.

Let’s be honest- reaching for the packaged box of crackers can be much more convenient than making a raw side salad. I totally get that. Do you want to hear some great news, though? Making supercharged dishes and sides for your child’s lunch really can be as easy as opening a box of crackers- it just takes one thing: commitment.

The key to healthy lunches is to include a little bit of everything (nutrients and flavors, of course!) Make sure to provide sources of protein, healthy fat, complex carbs; different textures (i.e. crunchy and smooth); and a combination of flavors (e.g. (Check out our previous article “Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids” for examples of good proteins, fats, as well as fruit and veggie options.)

Here are some homemade food options that are easy to prepare, colorful, and packed with nutrition to fuel your child’s energetic fire all day long (in a healthy way!).

[title size=”2″]Apple Sandwich Delights[/title]

Local apples
Raw Nut/Seed Butter*
Organic Raisins/Figs
Local Honey (Optional)


  1. Core the apples, and slice horizontally into roughly ¼ inch sections (use the ends, too!)
  2. Spread the nut/seed butter on one slice; sprinkle with raisins/figs cinnamon, and honey (if using).
  3. Top the sandwich with another apple slice, and voilà!

*Making your own nut butter is the best option to avoid unhealthy ingredients like sugar or hydrogenated oils. To make, soak raw nuts/seeds in water for 1-2 hours or so, then drain and pat dry. Next, use a food processor to blend the nuts/seeds. Feel free to add a dash of sea salt, a bit of organic, grass-fed butter (melted), coconut oil (melted), or Extra Virgin Olive Oil (might affect taste a bit, so experiment first). Flavor with cinnamon, honey, fair trade dark cocoa powder, etc. The taste opportunities are endless!

[title size=”2″]Fruit & Veggie Chips (Homemade!)[/title]

Various fruits that are naturally crisper (apples, pears)
Various veggies (zucchini, squash, beets, sweet potatoes)
Coconut Oil (melted)
Spices (cinnamon, salt/pepper, garlic, dill)


  1. Slice veggies/ fruit into extremely thin slices (about 1/16 in thick).
  2. Coat veggies in coconut oil, and spread out on baking sheet (use parchment paper to keep food from sticking to baking sheet).
  3. Sprinkle spices of choice onto fruits/veggies.
  4. Bake at 200 for 1- 1 ½ hours, or until a bit crispy.

[title size=”2″]Toasted (Not)! Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars[/title]
Makes about 15 bars

16 oz. of raw sunflower seeds
16 oz. of Organic Thomson Seedless Raisins
1 tablespoon of grass-fed butter or ghee*
Dash of sea salt


  1. Melt butter/ghee in a sauce pan. Add sunflower seeds, and toast over medium heat; stir constantly to prevent burning (5-10 min).
  2. Process seeds in food processor (30 seconds). Add raisins and salt; process until the mixture comes together in a sticky ball (1-2 min).
  3. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and spread mixture onto a third of the pan.
  4. Place second parchment paper on top. Smooth out mixture with rolling pin.
  5. Place in the fridge, and store in an airtight container. Cut into bars when chilled.


* Check website for dairy-free version

Recipe courtesy of Honestly Delicious blog

[title size=”2″]Farm Fresh Wrap[/title]


Coconut Wrap (these are seriously amazing and are an excellent healthy alternative to other wrap
options like flour or corn)

Optional Toppings:

Sliced veggies (ex: peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, carrots, radishes)
Sliced fruits (tomatoes, apples, grapes, pomegranate seeds, peaches, pears)
Leafy greens
Organic, pasture-raised loose meats/chicken


  1. Spread avocado on wrap.
  2. Top with veggies, fruits, sprouts, leafy greens, meats, or any other farm fresh food!
Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids

Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids

With the school year starting and schedules quickly filling with homework and after-school activities, fast and healthy nutrition can easily be overlooked. However, proper food choices are key for these busy times, especially for our kids. After all, the food we put in their bodies is the fuel that powers them through the day. Do we want our kids running on sugar and processed (i.e. whole nutrient deficient) foods? Hopefully not because this kind of diet leads to energy crashes and various developmental challenges (Dr. Mercola, “Breakfast is Not So G-r-r-reat When Your Only Option is Frosted Flakes”)*. So for this weeks article we’ll discuss healthy breakfast options for kids.

One of the struggles with preparing a nourishing meal is breakfast time. What is filling and nutritious but also intriguing to the youngin’s taste buds? Here are some quick tips when focusing on such an important meal of the day:

  1. Include healthy omega-3 fats (e.g. Avocado; coconut oil/milk; seeds; organic, grass-fed meat). These fats support the brain and cellular functioning, and they keep us fuller longer.
  2. Include protein sources (e.g. organic, pasture-raised eggs; organic, grass-fed meat; chia/hemp seeds). Protein helps rebuild the body’s tissues and support the immune system and hormones.
  3. Veggies! (Any kind). Vegetables are vital for their high vitamin, mineral, and fiber contents. The goal is to have veggies at every meal!
  4. Fruits (e.g. Berries, cherries, green apples, grapefruit). Look for fruits that are low-glycemic. In other words, they do not affect insulin levels as greatly as other high sugar/carb fruits.
  5. Avoid processed grains. They have various negative effects on the body and brain, especially for growing kids!*

Quick Breakfast Recipes

  • Poached eggs with avocado; veggies; a side of berries
  • Chia seeds soaked overnight in coconut oil; top with berries, sliced raw almonds, and cinnamon
  • Green smoothie (kid-friendly!). 1 handful greens, 1 ½ c. fruit, 1 c. coconut milk, ½ avocado,
    2 tbs. chia/hemp/sunflower seeds. Blend together.
  • Leftovers from dinner

Articles for more details on Child Nutrition

by Dr. Joseph Mercola (a leading expert in the nutrition field) this is an article with bountiful information and resources on food for kids!


When it comes to discussing nutrition with a client, one of the largest misconceptions I run across as a healthcare provider is the excuse of “eating healthy is too expensive”. This statement is purely false and I would like to show you how eating healthy can be very inexpensive.

The first issue I have when it comes to eating healthy is many people are obsessed with the word “organic”. They feel if the product says organic then it must be healthy. This is completely false and one of the reasons why eating healthy can be expensive. For example, when I go to the grocery stores I will see people with a bill of $400 but they are buying organic oreos, organic animal crackers, organic pizza, organic donuts, etc. They think that by buying these products is healthy because it says organic. Anytime you are buying processed organic food it is going to be much more expensive than the non-organic but still creates a negative impact and drops a bomb of inflammation into your body. Would you feed organic oreos, donuts, or organic pizza to your dog? Why not? If your answer was because it will get sick then think about what that garbage does to the human body. Fortunately for dogs they feel it much faster but for humans we can adapt to those toxins for longer until they build up into some chronic disease.

In order to shop healthy at the grocery store on a budget there are certain steps that must be taken first so we can rule out certain foods.

Step 1: Ingredient List Understanding

One of the areas where I feel grateful to have learned at a young age is how to read ingredient labels and determine what is bad and good.  If the food is not a fruit or vegetable then I am going to look at the ingredient list no matter what the marketing on the front says. Here are items in food that you must stay away from and rule out of your grocery list. If you have some you would like to add please comment on this post so we can work together for a healthier community.

* High fructose corn syrup
* Corn syrup
* Fructose
* Modified corn starch
* Refined wheat flour
* Soy lecithin
* Soy protein isolate
* Aspartame
* Sucralose
* Glucose
* Canola oil


Step 2: What To Eat Organic and Non-Organic

When it comes to the food I choose to eat organic vs non-organic I primarily stick to the dirty dozen, meat, fish, and poultry. There are many foods that do not need to be eaten organic but if cost is irrelevant to you then feel free to buy everything organic. For those where cost is important then stick to the following foods being organic no if, and, or but’s.
1) Apples
2) Kale
3) Beef (100% grassfed: USDA organic)
4) Celery
5) Peaches
6) Strawberries
7) Blueberries
8) Nectarines
9) Bell peppers
10) Grapes
11) Lettuce
12) Cherries
13) Fish
14) Chicken (Cage free)

Now that we have our list of organic foods down and what foods to avoid we can go in to the grocery store with an educated mind. Here is an example of what our shopping experience looks like with some of the food we buy and where we buy it from:

Cohen Shopping List

Trader Joes
Boneless chicken breast – Comes in a 4 pack of freeze wrapped chicken
Grassfed Beef Patties – Comes in a 4 pack and still needs to be cooked
Raw Creamy Almond Butter – Great to dip celery or apples for a cheap breakfast
Premade beets – Comes in 4 beets premade and is great to add on a salad
Arugula – Great lettuce for the salad base
Shredded brussel sprouts
Raw blue cheese – Throw this into the salad with brussel sprouts, beets, chicken, and avocado
Himalayan sea salt

Whole Foods
Red bell pepper
Coconut water
Coconut oil

I want to give you 3 recipes of easy food to make that is very cost effective and super healthy.

Kale Avocado Salad
3 Avocado
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Red Onion
1 Stalk Kale

Cut up all ingredients and put into a bowl and mash up together.

Paleo Pancakes
4 Eggs
1 scoop flax meal
1 ripe banana
1 scoop raw creamy almond butter (Trader Joes)
Blueberries (optional)

Put all ingredients into a bowl and stir up as this will become your batter. Heat up a pan with coconut oil. Place the batter onto it and let it cook to your liking. If you like blueberries then feel free to add into the mix.

Quinoa Bowl
1 cup quinoa
2 cups water
Any veggies you want (jalapeno peppers, onions, mushrooms, squash, and zuchini)

Stir fry vegetables in pan with coconut oil. In pot put quinoa and water. Cover and wait for water to evaporate. Once the water has left the pot than throw all vegetables into a big bowl with quinoa. To season it use Bragg-Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil, himalayan sea salt, and oregano.

Eating healthy can be easy, inexpensive, and taste great as long as you follow many of the protocols outlined above. Please feel free to share any recipes you have that are cost effective and very healthy.


Food is changing!

Believe it or not but the food industry is changing fast and unfortunately what used to be called food-by-Earth is quickly becoming food-by-man.

Every day in my car either on my way to work or on my way home I pass by a plane spraying chemtrails in the sky and polluting our beautiful ecosystem.

Enough is enough! If we do not get educated on the facts about whole food based nutrition then we are setting ourselves up for failure in the long haul.

To live the D.R.E.A.M. Lifestyle it is essential that our diet is fully functional, anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, and alkaline for our bodies.

Great news! I can show you how to do this and this is what we will be discussing tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at our Nutrition Protocol workshop. If you plan on attending please reply to this e-mail with your name and how many guests you will be bringing.

I will go through the following:

* How the body uses fats, sugars, and protein for fuel.
* What the food pyramid SHOULD look like
* What tests can you take to see which foods your body is sensitive to
* Great breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. 
* How to determine which supplements your body NEEDS
* A quick 3 day cleanse to flush out your system. 
* And much more

If you do not know what D.R.E.A.M. stands for then it is a coined term our office has put together to help you achieve your best life.

D – Diet (Anti-inflammatory, low glycemic, and alkaline)
R – Rest (8 hours uninterrupted)
E – Exercise (functional movements)
A – Alignment (Making sure your nervous system is functioning optimally through chiropractic)
M – Mental attitude (Have a clear conscious that is relaxed and constantly expanding)

Here are all of our podcasts that are free to download so you can get more information on the DREAM lifestyle.


Summer is right around the corner and this is the best time to refresh your body and build it up for the upcoming cold months. If we look at trends most people get sick in the winter and allergies in the Spring not because of the external environment but more commonly because of how they neglect the internal environment such as:

1) Less working out

2) Decrease sunlight meaning less vitamin D

3) Eating sugary foods from all the holidays

4)More emotional stress from the holidays and end of year

5)Staying indoors more based on colder weather

Even though we should ALWAYS be caring for our bodies, Summer must be an action oriented time to rebuild our health. Here are 3 important tips to maximize your Summer and accelerate your health.

1) Eat Greens Abundantly – During the summer months many of us will be outside for barbecues, hanging out by the pool, and heading to the beach to load up on Vitamin D, which is amazing! However some of us will overdo it and this creates extreme oxidative stress to the body and more free radicals for the system. Research is now showing that by eating greens that are rich in antioxidants can reduce sunburn and help your body absorb the levels of Vitamin D properly. My favorite is kale which should be bought organic as it is on the Dirty Dozen list. My favorite recipe for the summer is: 1 kale, 3 avocados, 1 red onion, and 1 red pepper all cut up put into a bowl and mixed together. Throw some Himalayan sea salt to taste and enjoy this antioxidant rich summer salad.

2) Sweat Once A Day – One of my favorite traditions that Lululemon is bringing to the market is to “Sweat Once A Day”. Many stores challenge their employees to be an inspiration to the community and get a sweat in at least once a day through physical activity. Sweating is a powerful tool to detoxify the body especially as most people are not sweating enough during the colder months so make sure to take extra yoga classes or go for a run outside this Summer.

3) Chemical Free Sunscreen – As many of us start looking for sunscreens and sunblocks to get I strongly encourage you to look out for a toxic chemical called “parabens”. Parabens are artificial preservatives that companies put in to the sunscreens to make them last longer. This is unfortunately sad because these chemicals are cancer “contributing” and have a severe negative impact on our health. According to, in 2004 a research study found an excess of parabens in 18 out of 20 breast cancer tumors. Parabens are also found in deodorants and soaps so be sure to look out for the following toxic ingredients: methylparaben, butylparaben, or propylparaben. You can get nontoxic chemical sunscreen on or


As I have heard from many you the most difficult meal to put together is breakfast. Many of you say you want a quick, easy, and healthy meal yet resort to bowls of cereal and oatmeal.

I want to share with you 4 of my favorite breakfast meals so you can keep you and your family healthy. These take less than 10 minutes to make and are super cheap.

Lastly, many of your friends, family, and co-workers are not on this e-mail list and are missing out on some vital information to their health. Please invite them to our quarterly Dinner With Doc at Eclipse Di Luna on May 20th at 7:00 PM. Click here to register. 

4 Breakfast Ideas

1) Egg and Avocados

Hard boil 4 eggs (Do not overdo them. Should not have a gray ring around yolk). Place eggs and avocado in a bowl and mash up using a fork. Some people like to slice the hard boiled vertically and put yolk in a bowl with the avocado. They will then mash up the yolk and avocado and place it back in the egg to make avocado deviled eggs. When I make these for guests I like to put some cayenne pepper on top of this.

2) Beyond Organic Hot Dogs

I know this one is going to sound strange but one of my favorite breakfasts is hot dogs and onions. Don’t knock it til you try it! The beef is 100% grassfed and raised in beautiful pastures in the Ozark Mountains. They are treated humanely and are never fed a grain their entire life. The only ingredients are: beef, water, organic honey, sea salt, organic mustard, organic paprika, celery powder, organic coriander, organic garlic, and organic black pepper. They take 5 minutes to heat up on a stove top with coconut oil and make a fast, delicious breakfast. Recently, Sam has become a Certified Health Coach with Beyond Organic so talk to her about getting some hot dogs as they are currently running specials.

3) Banana/Almond Butter

An all time favorite in the Cohen household is cutting up an apple or banana and putting it together with raw creamy almond butter from Trader Joes. The key is buying organic apples and making sure the almond butter is raw and unsalted. It is rare to find raw almond butter anymore especially at the $4 price at Trader Joes. Also, apples are highly sprayed fruit so make sure to buy them organic.

4) No Granola Granola Cereal

Recently I have found this company that makes grainless granola which is AMAZING. The only ingredients are: Organic Coconut, Almonds, Prunes (unsweetened, unsulfured), Carrots,Himalayan Sea Salt. We take this and mix it with almond milk as it is a super healthy bowl of cereal. Much different than the other crap you find in grocery stores where the box is probably better for you than the “food” inside.

One Life: This is all we get!

Knowing that we will be here on this Earth one time the question becomes: What are you willing to do to make it your best?

This question constantly feeds through my head as I live my life. Whether I am about to put food in my system, get exercise, see my chiropractor, socialize with friends, head to the office, or deliver a workshop my choices are about an EXTRA-ordinary quality of life.

As our societies stress levels rise it is essential we are taking EXTRA care of ourselves through many different avenues. There are societies in the World called “Blue Zones” which is where it is common for those to live over 90 and in to their 100’s with little risk of chronic disease. These societies tend not to follow the brainwashing that goes on in our country such as Larry the Cable Guy’s recent Prilosec commercial. Here is a picture of Larry telling us it is ok to eat corndogs because if we take a Prilosec then we will be OK. What a joke!

Unfortunately many people live their life through these commercials by being stressed out and wondering why they are on blood pressure meds, eating garbage foods and being on cholesterol or diabetes medicine, not having social networks or a sense of purpose and being on anti-depressants, and the list could go on.

The fact is: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! This is what has been engrained in to your brain since a child but if you continue to lead that lifestyle then you will be like everyone else in our country (heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, etc).

The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Samantha, Shalonda, and myself are 110% committed to having everyone in our office live their greatest life so PLEASE take advantage. We want to show you and teach you what you can do different than everyone else and what the healthiest people in the planet are doing that are dependent on drugs or a poor quality of life. The 3 of us were put here to be servants to you so please ask questions, send e-mails, come to workshops, read my e-book, and get involved.

The societies that live the longest have common qualities and I want to touch on 4 of them as I feel they have the power to allow you to live your greatest life.

1) Get Regular Movement

Many of the societies that live to be over 100 tend to walk regularly, hike mountains, work the land, and perform other activities that create movement. They are NOT sitting in front of computers for hours a day and destroying their spine. NOW, I know many of us rely on computer work for our jobs but it is crucial we cut out time throughout the days for movement and exercise. ONE life, find the time! Walking around the office every hour, walking after meals, hiking mountains on the weekends, and other activities you can think of that would be more natural for the body.

2) Eat Foods Congruent With the Body

These societies tend to eat mostly a Mediterranean Diet filled with fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and stay away from processed junk food. Even the foods people think are from Earth and not processed tend be some of the most processed foods in the supermarkets such as milk, cheese, and grains. Once again our society has more stress now than ever so eating foods more genetically designed for the body will create a healthier internal environment.

3) Create Social Circles

Most of these healthy societies have large social circles where they get together for meals, games, or good conversation. In Okinawa and Loma Linda with the 7th Day Adventists they congregate regularly in person. Our society is obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites as well as reality TV. By connecting with people regularly and getting together for functions can truly help maximize and increase your quantity and quality of life.

4) Find Your Purpose

Each society that has a long and healthy life tend to have found a sense of purpose they live for. In our culture we look forward to “retirement” yet we have no interests, hobbies, or extracurricular things we do to keep us fulfilled following this phase of our life. Finding a place to volunteer, living to serve others, falling in love with a sport, a passion for helping others live better lives, or becoming a mentor there are countless possibilities to develop your sense of purpose.


I have become very inspired by many of you recently as you have been eating more healthy, working out more, being more positive, and keeping your adjustment schedules. In a World where marketing is heavy into unhealthy food, living a sedentary lifestyle, being negative, and taking meds, many of you have begun to make “Being Healthy” part of you and it is now becoming your lifestyle. I remember a few years back my mentor said “Winners are willing to do what losers are not”. I commend all of you on being different and taking up a healthy lifestyle as this is not the norm in our society.

The area where I want to review today that many of you are still not doing is about hydration and the vital importance of it. This is something my wife and I have recently implemented into our lives as we recently invested in an alkaline water machine for the office. We have noticed a huge difference in our energy and health from drinking this water and many of you have shared this as well.

The human body is designed to be 60-70% water but unfortunately most people are dehydrated and not drinking enough clean water. This can cause a host of problems as the body depends on a clean, fresh supply of water throughout the day.

Being dehydrated can affect your hormones, so if you are someone trying to lose weight then sometimes a cup of water could help drop those pounds. This happens because our body can confuse hunger for thirst so when you feel hungry really your body may just need some water instead of overeating.

On April 17th we have Dr. Joe Hudak, who is an expert in health, coming to the office to share about hydration. He will also be testing your water to see if the water you drink is healthy and what the pH level is so make sure you bring the water you most commonly drink. We will also be giving out cards that will allow you to fill up a gallon of our water for 2 weeks. Dr. Hudak will also be giving everyone who attends a BPA-Free 1 gallon jug of alkaline water at his expense.

Register Here: Change Your Water, Change Your Life

Here are 4 simple steps to stay hydrated:

1) Get a 1 Gallon Jug – Go to Amazon or any grocery store and get a 1 gallon water jug that is BPA Free. The key is to fill it up daily and drink that throughout the day. We will be giving everyone a free one at our water workshop so make sure to come to that on April 17th at 6:30 PM. By drinking 1 gallon of water throughout the day you are getting 128 ounces which is plenty to hydrate the body for 1 day. The standard is to drink half your body weight in ounces for the day. Example: I weigh 180 pounds so everyday I should be drinking a minimum of 90 ounces of water. Here is a link to a jug I found on Amazon: 1 Gallon Water Jug

2) Go Alkaline – Most of the water all of us drink daily contains fluoride, chlorine, and other toxic chemicals that are foreign agents to our body. There have been studies that have showed traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the water supply and in Philadelphia they found 56 different drugs in their water. This is very low regulated by government and this is why I am bringing the expert, Dr. Joe Hudak to do demos on water and show us exactly what is in YOUR water. I highly recommend investing in an alkaline water machine as it not only cleans the water but it can change the pH levels to be more congruent with your body. The water machine we bought for the office was only $1/day and I truly feel will pay dividends as the years go on. I have actually noticed we are saving money as we don’t buy bottles water anymore. “The best investment is the one in yourself”

3) Drink Room Temperature Water – Now that you are drinking a gallon of alkaline water every day the next step is to make this water room temperature. If you think back to when we were hunters and gatherers the water we drank was not refrigerated or drowning in ice. We would gather gallons of water and they would sit in tents or whatever else the hunters and gatherers built for homes. When we drink cold water it slows down digestion and our body has to work hard to make this water warm so it can go through the body. To get the best bang for your buck drink room temperature water at all times especially during meals.

4) Add Lemon to Your Water – The final step to staying healthy and hydrated would be to add some lemon to your water. In my e-book I talk about how every morning it is great to drink a glass of water with squeezed lemon in the glass to help energize and wake up your body. Lemon has many anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make a great addition to your food but especially water upon rising. It also helps to alkalize the body and keep the pH balanced.



In addition to hindered fat loss, one of the most common misconceptions is that drinking water cause water retention. The truth is the exact opposite. Lack of water causes water retention. The reason for this is that the body perceives the shortage when it is provided with less than it needs thus causing what is commonly referred to as “survival mode”, retaining every least drop that it can.


Water is not only a natural appetite suppressant, but it actually helps the body metabolize stored fat. When the body does not have a good supply of water to draw from to perform required physiological tasks, it will draw water from inside the bodies cells, including fat cells, in order to perform the desired tasks.

This past Friday, I went over to my friend, Dr. David Jockers office for some catching up and bonding time.

He was going to make me lunch and since he knows that I am paleo, I figured I would be receiving a chicken salad, burger, or something else along the cavemen diet. Instead, he made me a pudding that was delicious, super healthy, and simple to make.

The pudding was packed with good fats for metabolism, a super-food to regulate hormones, and grass-fed whey for great protein. I wanted to share this healthy lunch recipe with you as I am making it a few more times this week.

If you would like to find some other recipes, please download our new app from the app store in your phone called Cohen Chiropractic. Let me know if you downloaded it so we can give you a ticket into a drawing for a 1-hour massage.


Image credit to


Chocolate Hormone Pudding

This recipe includes putting 3 ingredients into a blender and the way you have it right is when it tastes good. Here is how I usually make it:

1) 2-3 Avocados


2) 1 scoop Stronger, Faster, Healthier – Daily Balance (Chocolate)


This protein is by far the best in the market and gold standard for many Crossfit athletes. We just started carrying it as the whey is from grass-fed cows and there are no sugar, additives, or soy. If you have a protein powder now, let’s have a look at the ingredients and if you do not have a protein powder you take then this one is a must!

Available for purchase  at our office!


3) 1/2 cup Cacao with Maca


Maca is a tuber similar to a potato. Maca is well known for its ability to stimulate hormones and help keep them regulated. In todays World with low T levels and complete hormonal imbalances this super-food is essential.

Order this from Amazon.Com!



Get Involved!

So What do you think of our healthy lunch recipe? Try our this easy to do chocolate hormone pudding and let us know in the comments below if you like it!

If you’re interested in learning more of our healthy recipe and functional nutrition, click the button below for more information! Be sure to checkout this helpful article for nutrition too.